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Orvieto Jazz Winter # 19°

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In Orvieto Jazz Winter (December 28 – January 1) music and tourism in a unique and location unreapetable.
Umbria Jazz Winter Orvieto for the nineteenth edition: five days of music (December 28 – January 1) and over a hundred events for an appointment that has become traditional in the Italian jazz scene. The Festival takes place according to a formula established and successful, refined over the years and centered on the marriage between tourism and show quality, with the added hospitality of one of the most beautiful cities of Umbria, rich in history and culture . Not to mention the good food and good drink. To tie these distinctive features of the event, remains the billboard, that every time offers solutions for everyone.
Orvieto, in particular its historic center, within five days of the festival is transformed into a citadel of music that sounds intriguing offers at any time of day until late at night. A festive city, vibrant and livable, gleefully confusing but always serene and welcoming.
The underlying theme of this edition is the contamination of the biggest names in Latin jazz, Michel Camilo, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Chano Dominguez with some of the best exponents of Italian jazz, Paul Fresu, Gianluca Petrella, Danilo Rea. The program moves collaborations between new and innovative musical projects, with the intention of creating a mix that can be appreciated by both fans and connoisseurs of jazz, both as a spectator not particularly accustomed to the language of the Afro-American music.
Exceptional location this year the magnificent Cathedral, designed by Lorenzo Maitani and built between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, which frames the afternoon of New Year’s Mass for Peace enriched and characterized by the presence of gospel music. Expression and synthesis of different cultures and religion come together through music that makes this experience unforgettable.

The evening concerts are held at the Teatro Mancinelli, inaugurated in 1886, which provides a summary of the main characters of the architecture of Orvieto, the People’s Palace, made of basalt and tuff, first described in the thirteenth century, the Palace of the Seven, built at the turn of the fourteenth century, with its domes and arches and flanked by mighty fine tower of the Pope, at the Palazzo Soliano, whose ground floor is the Museo Emilio Greek, with sculptures and graphic designs donated by the city itself.
Hall also suggestive of Mount Caramel, a former church in 1300 as part of the larger complex that included the Carmelite convent and the Ristorante San Francesco, located in a building that housed a Franciscan monastery in 1200, location of the large year-end dinner the night of Dec. 31 to the sound of jazz and jazz ideal venue for lunch and dinner.

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