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Open House at the Oil Mills – XIV Edition Umbria

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For 7 finger-licking weekends, don’t be pressed for time. Press the olives

Oil MillsCome to “Open House at the Oil Mills” Now in its 14th edition, “Open House at the Oil Mills” has returned to Umbria, an event that from October 29 to December 11, 2011 will offer 7 fabulous, not-to-be-missed weekends for rediscovering a truly one of a kind product. Loads of events will be hosted throughout Umbria along the Oil Dop Road during the extended edition of “Open House at the Oil Mills” dedicated to Dop Umbria extra virgin olive oil to be held in participating towns and oil mills along with entertainment and cultural initiatives.

Information: Strada Olio Umbria Dop  Tel. 0742 332269 / info@stradaoliodopumbria.it

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