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Bread and oil mill

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The City of Castle Viscardo promotes the initiative “Bread and Oil Mill in” taking place at national level, on Sunday 29 November pv
The event, created by the Oil City, is dedicated to local quality products and aims to draw in the towns and mills, a large audience interested in understanding oil and bread products in our territory.
The event joined the bakery “The source of the Bread” Monterubiaglio of the mill “Old Mill” Castel Viscardo the mill “Cecco” Monterubiaglio of the mill and “Agricultural Cooperative Viceno” of Viceno.
The program includes visits to mills from 15.00 with the possibility to observe the phases of the olives and the production of ‘oil.
Free tasting of toasted bread, traditional bread and salt bread of Monterubiaglio, legumes De.Co. dell’Alfina vegetables and dip – olive oil.
Legumes De.Co (Title Town) are produced on the plateau dell’Alfina through a development project sponsored by the City of Castle Viscardo and the Umbria Region.
The event is organized in collaboration with the Association Pro-loco Castel Viscardo Monterubiaglio.