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Terni and Valnerina

Terni, ancient Interamna, capital city which houses the remains of St. Valentine, patron and protector of lovers, is famous not only for metals and to be the center of prestigious film productions, but also for the bread, delicious with the products of the butchery of Umbria, and the typical sweet pampepato “an excellent base from which to delicious food and wine tours.

The surrounding hills are dotted with medieval fortresses Terni as Stroncone and Sangemini and small fortified villages, sometimes beautiful and little known, such as those clinging to the mountains of Valnerina Ferentillo, Arrochar, Montefranco and Polino.

The Black Valley, today the park, is dominated by the Cascade Falls, the highest in Europe, impressive landscape. A few kilometers Piediluco Lake, known for its beautiful environment and the rowing races, and not far away, the Roman archaeological zones Otricoli and Carsulae.

In an area of excellence, you can not taste the truffle, forest products, the pork products, the delicious crayfish although rare, dressed with extra virgin olive oil which the manufacturer is Valnerina Terni.