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The route winds through a wooded hills and beautiful countryside, where you can meet environmental and historic-artistic memories such as the Fossil Forest of Dunarobba, with his trunks, in intact wooden structure, dating back to over two million years ago, and the protected area of wetland flora and fauna of the Oasis of Alviano.

Ancient villages dot the area and can take up to Narni, an important medieval village on the Black River Gorges. Overlooking the majestic Rocca Albornoz. Attractions in the area, in an area of hills and valleys of great beauty, Montecastrilli, Aquasparta, Jupiter, Attica, with its splendid Lugnano Collegiate Pen Teverina.

Amelia is the capital of the historic, walled city with strong walls in polygonal overlooking the Tiber Valley, a legend built by the Cyclopes. On top of the hill stand the Cathedral, the Civic Tower and the local museum which houses the magnificent statue of Germanicus, one of the most important works of Roman statuary, a symbol of the Roman Road. At the foot of the hill, the picturesque park of the Rio Grande with his “old fruit” and forgotten.

We are indeed in the area of production of figs, a product traditionally grown on these slopes of which the Romans already knew the goodness. Are dried and filled with almonds, candied fruit or nuts, according to a method of processing Amelia very special and typical. And then the game and the game and, finally, the cookies must, typical of the period of harvest.