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Calici di Stelle | Monterubiaglio | 10 Agosto 2012

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On the 10th August, again with the customary “Calici di Stelle”, a summer event created by the Wine Tourism Movement and the National Association of Wine Cities that is one of the most beautiful nights of the year, offering visitors the chance to enjoy ” the rain of stars of St. Lawrence night ” in the company of a quality wine.
The municipality of Castel Viscardo along the Wine Road Etrusco Romana in the Province of Terni, according to the tradition, is renewing the invitation to celebrate the night of San Lorenzo, with “Calici di Stelle” in the beautiful village of Monterubiaglio, in the square and streets around the castle.

Even this year’s calendar, Calici di Stelle, will be full of all kinds of events, including tastings, music and night walks to the beautiful towns that will host the event.
The initiative in its fifteenth edition, will offer a range of interesting activities, including the delivery of the “Golden Cluster” prize, sponsored by the Town Council.

The traditional “wine walk” along the streets that wind around the Medieval Castle full of suggestion, will be led by sommelier FISAR presenting white, red and dessert wines, kindly provided by member wineries of the Wine Route Etrusco Romana Association.

The tasting will be organized and curated by the site of the “Proloco” of Monterubiaglio.
Wine City will dedicate the 2012 edition of Calici di Stelle to the Energy Saving.

The conference organized by Lady Solar Energy Company Ltd, under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment,
offers the opportunity to inform citizens of the content and procedures for new processes of Green Economy at the local level through incentives to energy efficiency and renewable “starry wine on the way.”

Incentives to energy efficiency and renewable “in the way of starry wine”
Tradition and Innovation together for energy upgrading of our country through the recovery of the original binding relationship between man and nature.

Cellaio Castle Monterubiaglio August 10, 2012

18.00 – 18.15 – Maximum Tiracorrendo
Mayor of Castel Viscardo
18:15 to 18:45 hours – Architect Joseph Todisco
Incentives to energy efficiency and renewable “in the way of starry wine”
Hours 18:45 to 19:00 – Round Table Discussion

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