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open cellers san martino

Open cellers San Martino

San Martino Winery becomes ‘ open cellars in San Martino ‘: the autumn meeting of the Movimento Turismo del Vino Debuts Sunday 16 November throughout Italy with a makeover but always with the intention to share with the many fans the joy of tasting the wines of exceptionally last harvest and not only that, in combination with seasonal products.

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Wine estates vary immensely in size, from tiny family run farms to colossal wineries owned by coops.


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Typical Products

Many along the way, excellent recipes and in character throughout the flavors of the Umbrian tradition.


Take Wine Route, the ancient land of the Etruscans and Romans along the Tiber, is a real journey in the ancient and modern.

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Montegiove Castle

The Castle of Montegiove has existed since the early 12th century and has for the last four centuries been the property of the Marchesi Misciattelli. Today, still family-owned, it is the centre of an estate covering nearly 1200 hectares of beautiful Umbrian countryside, where oak forests, vineyards, olive fields and arable land blend in total harmony with ancient dry walls and farmhouses built of local stone. Read the full story »

La Compagnia della Guisciola

The company produces and commercializes a typical product of Orvieto prepared according to a treasured recipe.

Orvieto’s Colours

orvieto colours

Umbria green heart of Italy

Umbria Green heart

Designed by New York firm Deplano and set to music by composer Carlo Pedini Perugia, video jingle of twenty-second soul and a heart drawn in the vacuum principle is beginning to cause a metamorphosis of …


Since 1970, family Zanchi produces quality wines in Amelia, in Umbria, a hilly area dominated by the house and from all the wineries.

Colli Amerini

Colli Amerini Winerie

The successive hills and slopes around the old center of Amelia are crossed for centuries in one of the most impressive landscapes of the Umbrian Weinrebreihen.

Azienda Agricola Custodi

Azienda Agricola Custodi

And ‘situated in the hills of Orvieto, in the Channel resort, famous among the people of Orvieto for the fertility of the slopes of viticultural areas.

Titignano e Salviano

Titignano & Salviano

It consists of two distinct areas: business to the right and left of Lake Corby, in the towns of Orvieto and Basque, with a total area of 2000 ha.

La Carraia

La Carraia

Founded in 1988 by collaboration between the family Gialletti, Orvieto wine experts, and the family Cotarella, world-renowned winemakers, the vineyards Carraia counts on different places in the heart of Orvieto Classico

La Palazzola


The farm is Vascigliano Stroncone. The area of relevance is extended to a total of 90 ha of which 36 are vineyards (IGT).

Argillae Azienda Agricola

Argillae Azienda Agricola

Argillae, the spirit of the matter, comes from the passion, rooted in time, of the owners, Bonollo, Di Cosimo and Ascenzi families.